What to Do if Someone Posts Your Mugshot Online

Article written by Pierre Zarokian of ReputationStars.com.

Mugshot removal servicePeople make enemies, that’s a fact of life. For whatever reason there will be people in your life who just won’t agree with you. Most of those people will keep things civil, but occasionally people will act immaturely and irrationally. The Internet makes it easy for anonymous posters to publish embarrassing information about you, like a mugshot or a criminal record, that you would otherwise wish to keep hidden from public view. If someone has posted your mugshot online, for any reason, you can use these tips as a guide to help you get the content removed.

Make Note of the Site

The first course of action you can take is to make note of the website and do some searching. Try to perform a lookup on the WHOIS database. If you can track down contact information, you’re in luck. Most of the time contact information has been obscured by private hosting, which makes it much harder to find the webmaster. In that case, look for a “contact” form on the website itself.

Contact the Webmaster

Your next course of action is to issue what’s known as a “DMCA takedown notice.” If the webmaster is smaller, he may respond and remove the content. But this would rarely work. The practice works well with most bloggers, but not with large databases like Mugshots.com. Although Google recently did some work demoting these gossip sites, they still persist in search engines.

It’s likely that the webmaster either won’t respond to the notice, or will disregard it and ask for you to pay for removal. Whatever you do, do not even consider this option. Payment is essentially extortion, leaving you with no real protection from future harassment.

Hire a Reputation Management Company

In addition to mugshot removal, you might consider developing a plan for what comes next. If you’re searching for a job, for instance, mugshot removal services with a reputation management company can help you build a reputation for yourself in addition to fixing the damage already done.

Article written by Pierre Zarokian of ReputationStars.com. If you are looking to remove mugshots online take a look at Reputation Stars website and contact them. They also provide other reputation management services.