Settling Material Disputes in a New Home Construction

Learn how to deal with material disputes that may arise in the construction of a new home.

How to Find a Credible Construction Expert WitnessIf you’re trying to build a new home from scratch, you might be in for some troubles along the way. The process almost never goes off without a hitch, and if you change your mind on something major (like the design of a room), it could cause delays that can last months.

These situations create grounds for a lawsuit in some cases, even minor disputes, because they cost a lot of money on both sides to resolve. With a solid construction claims analysis team behind you, you would fare better than going it alone.

Materials Disputes

The fact is that the materials used to build your home, add an addition or remodel your space are ordered under extremely tight schedules and even tighter budgets. It’s up to you to oversee how that money gets spent. You could consult with a structural steel expert to see which steel sellers are likely to have what you need, in the quantity you require, at the time you need it. Delays in shipping or stock can set construction back by months.

During that time, contractors aren’t getting paid because no work is happening. That down time is costing them. There are also cases where the companies that ship materials send the wrong supplies, costing thousands in lost money and time.

These disputes are usually settled in mediation before they go to a judge. Mediation is a chance for all parties involved to air their grievances and seek some form of repayment. It is a helpful method to settle disputes without ending relationships, and it has a reasonable success rate.

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