Big Missteps You May Be Making As a Manager

Serious woman boss scolding employees for bad results or discussing important instructions at multiracial team meeting, dissatisfied female executive talking to multiracial team at boardroom briefing

As a manager your main priority is to help guide your employees and help make sure everything is going according to plan. While it is important to keep in mind that it is a big responsibility, managing can be done in improper ways that can ultimately do more harm than good to your organization.

Setting Too Many Rules

A big part of leading an organization is being able to be as clear as possible with what is expected of everyone. One way to do this is to set up rules for how operations should be handled, what kind of behavior is allowed, and being clear on the values of the company. This is especially important when you are running a company with several people. A construction claims consultant would, however, advise against putting too many regulations in place. Doing so could make team members feel stuck and hesitant.

If your employees are constantly needing to contact you for approval before doing something or if they feel like they are frequently second-guessing their work, then the people you are managing may not feel comfortable enough to put forth their best work. Rather, try to be strategic with the policies you put in place to set expectations without hindering performance.

Not Leading by Example

An additional large misstep some managers make is trying to lead without doing so by example. Lyle Charles Consulting is a leading firm in its industry because their managers understand that practicing the best practices they speak of is a great way to show others how to work.