Is Verbal Abuse by the Dentist Considered Dental Malpractice?

Dental malpractice can happen in various ways. Many patients don’t even know some of them because they are very rare or they don’t seem like something serious. One such case is verbal abuse and misbehavior from a dentist towards a patient for no reason.

It is extremely unprofessional on the part of a dentist to treat their patient in that way. California dental malpractice attorney and founder of Levy Law Firm, Dane Levy, stresses the fact that dentists are humans too. However, the medical code of conduct is important to maintain for a professional.

But is breaking this code of conduct dental malpractice? It can be considered as one, but it’s not really a strong case as it doesn’t usually have any serious physical or financial damage. However, Dane Levy says that it can be used as strong evidence about the dentist’s personality in a more serious case. Some cases where verbal abuse is strong evidence are-

The verbal abuse is directed at the patient’s identity, like race, religion, sexuality, gender orientation, etc.

The verbal abuse indirectly caused the patient to suffer some kind of injury.

The verbal abuse was accompanied by harshness during the dental procedure, which caused a lot of pain to the patient.

However, some cases can be more complex than it seems to you. Maybe the verbal abuse and misbehavior have caused serious damage that you don’t realize. So it’s best to consult a lawyer if you feel violated in any way and learn whether you should do something about it.

If you’re in California, consider contacting Los Angeles dental malpractice attorney Dane Levy, whose knowledge and insight from years of experience may help you.