Dental Malpractice Attorneys Discuss Spike in Dental Implant Injuries

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For some time now, dental malpractice attorneys have known that the number of dental implant nerve injuries is increasing. With much of the public searching for ways to replace teeth that have been pulled, dental implants offer a great solution. These are the best known replacement for real teeth. They look and feel like our real teeth.

The procedure to provide dental implants for a patient is actually lengthy. First, the dentist must do a thorough exam of your mouth, teeth and gums and a prosthodontist evaluation. Some patients will not qualify for dental implants for a variety of reasons. In the past those with gum disease might have been denied this procedure due to poor jaw bone strength, but many dentists now say they can safely perform the procedure.

Unfortunately, the profits on this type of dental work have skyrocketed and caused a great number of dentists to begin offering dental implants. Sometimes, the idea of increasing profits will cause people to take risks. That’s the main reason for the increase in dental implant nerve injury.

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