What is the role of the consultant?

Construction consulting services often offer a wide range of consultants to assist with construction projects. Often a construction consultant will provide knowledge and experience that the project team may lack. The other benefit of hiring a consultant for a large project is that he/she speaks the same language as many of the vital people in a project, which includes the architect, contractor or design-build firm.

Construction consultants come from different backgrounds but should be able to review plans, budgets and the various stages involved in a construction project. A good consultant will visit a site as often as scheduling meeting in the office, to best understand how a project is progressing.

The main role of a construction consultant like Lyle Charles is to represent the owner and provide practical advice to reach project goals. The design of the construction project will not be part of the construction consultant’s area of involvement. Instead, he/she will be concerned with highlighting any potential problems that may arise, suggest cost savings and include or omit processes to save time.


Construction consultants can also help the client with an overall picture of how the project is progressing and avoid the hassles of dealing with multiple parties involved in a construction project. However, the construction consultant hired should be able to easily work with the projects team and be flexible with the uncertainties that arise in construction.