Dental product liability claims

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A defective product can cause accidents, that can cause a consumer physical and mental harm. Dental product liability claims will focus on how defective dental products cause harm to patients. If you are considering a dental liability claim, here are a few areas to consider.

Do I have to purchase the product to make a claim? – Medical claims do not always have to involve the purchase the medical product to make a claim. Therefore, even if a person did not purchase a medical product, the hospital or clinic is liable to ensure the product is fit for its purpose and safe for use.

Can a person claim for an injury from a faulty product? – A person can claim compensation for an injury or the discovery of an injury within three years of using the product.

Proving the defective item caused you injury – It is important to prove causation, which means that the plaintiff will have to prove that the product was directly related to the injury.

Can compensation help – Compensation can range from pain, suffering, medical and other treatment for recovery, expenses incurred and loss of

Consider obtaining assistance from an experienced lawyer or a law firm to specializes in dental product liability claims. Look at a law firm that specializes in medical and dental devices and implants when making your final choice.