Tips on Your First Few Years as a Construction Advisor

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Most commercial construction projects have a need for construction consultants. The field is growing, but newbies have trouble breaking in and getting their first few clients. Much like running a contracting business, growth will come from word of mouth but those first few clients are crucial. This guide will teach you a few practical tips you can use to move forward in the field of construction consulting.

Take Some Freebies

Consulting isn’t necessarily a full-time gig in every case. If your local church or private school is modifying their campus with some improvements, offer construction advisory services to approve permits and make sure everything is on track. It might take you a week or so of work to get everything approved, you’ll do your local church or school a huge favor, and build a portfolio for yourself of clients you’ve worked with.

Specialize in Something

Depending on where you live, factory turnarounds can be quite lucrative. If you and your crew can specialize in that precise operation, you can get more business easily. You could also study up and get certified as a structural steel expert, which may also open some doors into becoming an expert witness.

Short Term Management

A lot of outfits need someone short term to takeover a project, and many of those jobs come via word of mouth. Network with your fellow project managers and crew workers. Show up at local job fairs and construction conventions. If you continually put yourself in a situation where you meet new contacts, work will follow.

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