5 Tips to Screen an Employee Before an Interview

Article written by Real Estate and Mortgage Info

When you’re trying to make a hiring decision, an instant employment background check is an easy way to separate potential candidates. Those with a clean record tend to make the cut more often than those without. But what about before the interview, when you’re sifting through hundreds of applicants?

These tips will help.

Screen The Employee Yourself

You can learn a lot about an employee just by searching for his or her name online. It’s not illegal to view a Facebook page, LinkedIn or any other publicly available information. Some employers even ask potential employees for their Facebook passwords to evaluate the kind of person they are. Some employees may see this as invasive, so be wary if you’re attempting this kind of online employee background check. You may have some candidates refuse to participate.

Ask Serious Candidates

Another method to get the information you want is to ask all serious candidates to submit to pre employment checks prior to hiring. You’ll be able to get permission beforehand, and you might be able to find bulk deals on ordering from certain outlets online. Try and narrow your candidates down as best you can based on resume to remove unwanted candidates and reduce costs to screen.

Set Some Standards

If you have standards, such as a certain degree requirement or work history, it becomes a lot easier to eliminate candidates who don’t fit that mold. Regardless of their background, they may just not be the right fit for the job.

You can also look at the candidate’s technical skills to see if he or she has experience in your field. Sometimes, related work experience can be a plus. Familiarity is good, and leaves you room to train.

Face Time

We live in the age of video chat. Before a candidate sets foot in your office, offer the chance to answer some basic questions over a service like Skype, which is free for video calling. You’ll get to meet the candidate face to face, in a manner of speaking, and get to know their personality a bit before you get serious about hiring them.

Multiple Checks

Your best picture of a candidate can only come from checking their profiles multiple times. You’ll get a sense of who they are, how they act and their general disposition. If you’re serious about hiring someone, make sure you’re performing multiple searches for that person’s name so you know who they are and the kind of content they post online.
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