The importance of a construction claim management team

Written by Lyle Charles

Most construction projects will experience a dispute while the project is ongoing. This means that all medium to large construction firms will benefit from hiring a construction claim management team to overlook their project(s).

The goal of any construction claim management team should be to avoid claims reaching the courtroom and follow a proactive approach over the entire duration of the project.

A company’s construction claim management team should be experienced, and knowledgeable, while being able to research, organize and review evidence before a claim occurs. This team should also be able to give advice on technically complex areas of construction and provide factual information to help the management make sound decisions.

A construction claim management team should be able to;

Conduct sound construction claim analysis.

Research and give advice on changes in the standards of the construction industry.

Provide advice on delay and tort claims.

Give guidance on construction means and methods.

Spearhead construction claim preparation.

Construction claim analysis.

Rectify defective and deficient contract documents.

Present and negotiate construction claims.

For a construction claim management team to be effective, the company’s management team should provide the team with full access to the information relating to the project(s) that are under the purview of the team. The transparency will allow the claim’s team to highlight to the management any pressing issues that may cause a future claim to arise.


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