Dental implants entail risk of nerve damage

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In most countries, the number of dental implants is on the increase due to patients wanting dental implants for cosmetic purposes. However, this has caused some patients to experience severe pain, reduced sensation in their face and dental implant nerve injury. Most often, this is due to patients not being adequately informed about the risks involved in such procedures.

Researchers in London’s King’s College Dental Institute looked into 30 cases of dental implant patients who had been directed to the specialist nerve clinic at the college’s hospital.

From the participants, 40% complained of numbness after the implant, 30% said that they felt a reduction in pleasure while kissing. While 50% said that they had difficulties with speaking, eating, drinking and brushing their teeth due to the pain.

The researchers said that the reason for some of the cases was due to clinics not being careful, avoiding preoperative consent, planning, and follow-up before and after the procedure.  Most patients also said that they were never informed about the damage that could occur. Patients were also not referred to a specialist nerve injury clinic in time, with more than 70% of patients suffering from the condition for 6 months after the surgery.

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