How to Negotiate a Divorce Settlement

Negotiating a final divorce settlement can be difficult at best. You need the help of a professional divorce attorney Long Beach CA to calmly negotiate the most favorable settlement possible.

Start by making a comprehensive list of all of the possessions at issue: real estate, vehicles, sports equipment, furniture, jewelry, investments, and even pets. This can really expedite the process and ensure your divorce is finalized quickly. Your family lawyer Long Beach CA can give you expert legal advice, but you must do your part by providing accurate lists of your assets.

Decide what is most important to you – and be reasonable about it. No matter how badly your ex-spouse behaved, courts are interested in fairness. You aren’t going to get the house, both cars, and all the furniture. Think about your priorities. For example, you want your grandfather’s desk, so let your spouse have a valuable antique clock in return. Never try to fight your spouse for the one thing you know is most meaningful to them, especially if it’s not an item of great monetary value. The judge will see tactics like this as petty, and be less inclined to honor your requests. Divorce lawyers in Long Beach, CA can help you determine which battles are worth fighting.

Even if you’ve already started your divorce on your own, don’t sign off on a final settlement without a review from experienced divorce lawyers in Long Beach CA. Call us today!

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