When to Hire an Expert in Structural Steel

A structural steel expert is a highly specialized position whose role is to examine and test materials used in construction. Structural steel is one of the most common materials to reinforce concrete when constructing a building. Any multi-story structure built in the past few decades has utilized so called “re-bars” to create a mesh of the structure, on which concrete and other substances are built.

When dealing with construction disputes related to structural steel, it’s best to hire a construction expert witness to help defend your case. Expert witnesses help to put cases in laymans terms. They have a good understanding of the law, but they are trained to use in the facts of the case to present persuasive evidence.

If you’re facing a claim, it’s essential you hire construction consulting services to help hash out those claims in court.

The reality is that it can take as long as a decade for faulty steel to present a problem. When it does, there are insurance risks and property damages to assess. Plus, there are costs associated with demolition of the building a rebuild of the premises.

Defects in steel manufacturing can be tested for prior to building, but that’s a cost too many companies forego. Essentially, you’re betting that nothing will happen when you do that. The costs if something were to happen would be monumental, enough to put most small to medium construction outfits out of business within a year.

It’s crucial you take these steps as early as possible, no matter the costs, as the risks are far too high to do any less.

Lyle Charles is a construction expert witness, with a specialization in settling construction disputes through mediation.