What Are the Minimum Vision Requirements to Get a California Driver’s License?

Article written by Delta Driving School

Impaired vision will not necessarily prevent you from getting a driver’s license in California if you can prove you can drive and meet the minimum requirements of vision.

Whether you are wanting to get your first driver’s license or simply renew an old one, you will be given a ‘visual acuity’ test which will sometimes simply be reading lines off an eye chart. It is perfectly fine to wear corrective glasses or contacts, but you must inform the employee if you are wearing the latter.

If you pass the visual acuity test with corrective lenses, no matter how poor your vision without them is, then it will be marked on your license that you can only drive if you have them on. If you can pass the test without corrective lenses, then this restriction will not be placed on your license.

If you fail the test you will be taken to a machine that tests vision first in both eyes, and then each eye separately. The standard for passing the test is 20/40 vision in both eyes, with 20/70 vision being allowed in one eye if the other eye meets the 20/40 requirement.

If you fail the screening vision test you will be referred to an eye doctor. A vision of 20/200 in at least one eye can be acceptable with a signed paper from an eye doctor if you prove that you can pass a driving test and compensate for your impaired vision.

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