Three Things You Need in a Divorce Lawyer

Although a divorce is often a stressful and emotional time for all parties involved, it is also an extremely serious legal matter that can have consequences and ramifications that can impact every area of your life for years to come. Therefore, you need a sober and serious advocate who will guide you through the potentially complicated minefield ahead.


There are many lawyers who practice family law, so you could theoretically have your divorce handled by any of them. This could end up being a mistake if you pick a lawyer who does not have the skill, dedication, reputation, and experience necessary to most effectively look out for your best interests. Luckily, there is a simple common sense approach that you can use to help you find just the right Bakersfield lawyer who can maximize your chances of protecting your interests, both now and in future, during this most trying of times.

You Want a Lawyer Who Specializes in Family Law in your state!

Every lawyer has a specific area of law that they specialize in. Consequently, a lawyer that only practices family law will be much more intimately familiar with the nuances and interpretations of the law as it specifically applies to your case. By dealing with a lawyer with this specific area of practice, you will gain an advocate whose knowledge and experience will be invaluable during their representation of you.

You Want a Local Lawyer!

Although you are free to hire any lawyer who is legally allowed to practice law in your State, it is in your extreme best interest to focus on hiring a lawyer who is local to your area. A local Bakersfield lawyer will have first-hand knowledge of and familiarity with the local Judges and, most often, the other lawyers who will be opposing them by representing the interests of your soon-to-be ex-spouse. This familiarity will enable your lawyer to insight-fully with the best applicable strategy.

You Want a Lawyer Who Is Available!

Here, you walk a fine tightrope. You want a lawyer who is experienced and who is good at their job, and that means that they will often be in high demand. However, you most certainly want a lawyer who has the Available time to be able to fully devote themselves to the intricacies of your case as well. During your initial consultation, be sure to ask your prospective lawyer about his current caseload.

Many people tend to become a rational and acrimonious during a divorce. In reality, the best approach your lawyer can take is one of cooperation and mutual respect. Insist upon this strategy, because it is the fastest and most productive way to get through this process and to make sure that both parties are treated equitably.