Three key ways to deal with disagreements with your consultant

Conflicts are inevitable when working on construction projects since most projects have to adhere to the strictest deadlines. If you have a consultant and he/she is having difficulties working with your team or vice versa, here are some tips that can help to resolve conflict and avoid mediation or litigation.

Define acceptable behavior – If you’ve hired a consultant without a clear job description, chances are management, your consultant and your team will be confused about what he/she should handle. Look at creating a clear job description with the help of your consultant to give your consultant a framework to make decisions.

Hit conflict head-on – Seek areas of conflict and look at intervening before your consultant and your team disagree. Understanding the stress points can help highlight these areas and prevent disagreements. Doing this can reduce the chances of flare-ups and minimize the severity of the conflict.

The contract – Reading through the consultant’s agreement with the company is an excellent way to understand what the consultant is meant to be doing. Understanding the consultant’s role can help management to provide the tools and the resources the consultant needs to do their job efficiently.

It is essential to view conflict as an opportunity and have procedures in place to assist parties in reaching a solution quickly. Look at including a mediation clause in all your consultant agreements, which force your consultants into mediation before they can choose litigation.

Article by Lyle Charles Consulting. Lyle Charles is a construction claims consultant who can cater to your construction project needs.