Information in a background check

CE53T4 Realtor is giving the keys to an apartment to some clients. focus on the keys

CE53T4 Realtor is giving the keys to an apartment to some clients. focus on the keys

Written by Tenant Screening Services, LLC

Verifying a tenant is important as it identifies potential problems the landlord may encounter. Most landlords and property management companies will conduct a background check of potential tenants. Often this information will include the following:

Criminal record check – A criminal record does not prevent anyone from renting a property, but the decision to rent is up to the landlord. However, landlords have to notify a potential tenant in writing, if they choose to deny a property. A background criminal check should also include a check of the Sex Offender Registry.

Credit report – A credit report will let a landlord know if a potential tenant is financially

Proof of income – Paycheck stubs can be used as proof of income. Request stubs for at least three Potential tenants should possess at least three times the monthly rent as income to ensure that they can pay their rent on time every month.

Previous landlord references – A reference from previous landlords is a good way to confirm how your potential tenant will take care of your property. Have a list of questions you want to clarify before making the call.

Eviction history – As a landlord, you can ask potential tenants if they have a history of ever being evicted. Eviction history can be verified by checking credit reports or county court records.

Employment History – Apart from a criminal background check, for employment history, a landlord can speak to your previous employers to ensure you are responsible and trustworthy.


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