How to Appropriately Close a Business Agreement

A proper business contract plays a crucial role in your business. This guide will showcase the best tips that professionals are currently using while drafting their contract.

Enforce the Agreement

A simple handshake won’t solidify an agreement when it comes down to the legal aspect of it. While it might be promising at first, once you end up in court, it’s an entirely different story – there is no “he said, she said” argument that you’ll win. Even if the law does not require you to come up with a contract, make sure that you document every agreement that you make with the client. Nonetheless, it’s a foolproof plan that’s less risky than an oral agreement because you’ll have a written consensus in your hands that details all of your obligations.

Keep Your Agreement Short and To the Point

If you’re thinking about creating a complex document that details every aspect of your agreement, be sure that you include it within the agreement. However, try to do it in a way where it gets straight to the point. Now, contrary to what most lawyers are telling you, you don’t need a contract that’s 56 pages long and discusses unnecessary aspects that the client won’t even understand. Keep it simple. For example, you can create paragraph headings that outline what you’re going to talk about in the coming paragraph. Finally, just because you’re simplifying the contract, it doesn’t mean that you’re taking away from the agreement itself.

Consult with an Expert

During a business agreement, it’s wise to be in touch with the individual in charge as opposed to an office assistant or a secretary. You don’t want to play ‘telephone’ when it comes to your services. And, this is especially important because the individual must have the authority to bind the agreement and perform the obligations under the agreement.

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