How to Find a Credible Construction Expert Witness

How to Find a Credible Construction Expert WitnessA construction expert witness is a professional that has superior knowledge in the construction industry and is up-to-date on all things legal. Their specialized understanding of the field can be used to help solve or sort out legal issues that are brought to light in court.

The technicalities of construction activities sometimes require the expertise of a construction expert witness, primarily because they represent the voice of objective reasoning. They’re commonly used to untangle problems and help provide a coherent case. These experts possess superior knowledge and skill, through years of invested practice, that ensure the validity of their opinions.

Finding the Right Witness

Not every expert witness will be as effective as they’re made out to be. In order to select a credible witness, it’s important that you start by narrowing down a list of potential candidates. On the Internet, there is no shortage of professionals willing to lend their services. The most credible witnesses will have an impressive array of academic credentials as well as experience in the field. They also maintain their appropriate licenses and have established professional relations with establishments and construction consulting services. Keep a lookout for publications and articles written by that individual to further authenticate their position.

Construction witnesses aren’t just a one-trick pony. Their objectivity may be called into question if they only serve in legal matters. An active witness will pursue other construction activities as well. By reasonably looking into their history and prior experience, you’ll come across an impressive witness that can offer a lot to your specific case.

Bio: Lyle Charles is the president of Lyle Charles Consulting, a construction consulting firm experienced in large change order or claim preparation and or analysis including review of cost overruns and lost profits from alleged defective or uncoordinated contract plan documents.