Examples of Construction Expert Specialists

When it comes to the delicacies of construction law, a construction expert witness provides a factual take that’s based on years of experience in the construction industry. These witnesses are primarily called upon during a construction-related case in court. There are various types of experts that specialize in the wide field of construction. Here are some examples of experts that you can expect to find.

Construction Safety

If someone is injured on a construction site, a safety expert witness can provide the proper testimony and assessment of the situation to determine who was at fault. Often times, you can expect to see these expert witnesses come from a construction background with extensive experience working in sites. Construction consulting services can refer you to many of these witnesses as well.

Material Experts

If there is an injury that’s caused by a defective item, these experts come in to determine whether or not it was working properly or if it was used in the correct capacity. You can expect to see this witness come from a technical or engineering background that has worked with the manufacturing or construction of similar products.

Medical Expert

These expert witnesses assess a major injury on a construction site and provide a testimony on the individual’s health and claims. Typically a doctor or someone that has experience working in the medical field will provide the assessment and testimony. Doctors are used to examine the extent of the injury as well as the severity of it. They will also check their past medical history as it can play a role in how this individual was injured.

Bio: Lyle Charles heads Lyle Charles Consulting, a construction consulting agency that has over 40 years of experience in the construction industry.