Entertainment Law: Breaking Down Primary vs. Secondary Markets

Article submitted by Barry K. Rothman

In the growing field of entertainment law, there are numerous opportunities for an attorney to book clientele. Now, more opportunities present themselves in the three primary markets. Thus, the competition and legal positions become much higher.

Reaching Out to the Secondary Market

Although it is more difficult, an attorney can develop an entertainment law practice and represent numerous clients in a secondary market. However, in order to do this, the attorney must properly plan. A secondary market is more volatile per say, but an attorney that does everything he or she must do to conform the demands could end up being relatively successful.

Two of the most important factors for entertainment law are: assessing the market at different geographical levels, and being away of how the industry expands into the second market. By properly defining both factors and planning how to go about achieving them, an attorney can in turn, create more opportunities for him or herself.

The Intertwining of the Economy and Clientele

Advancements in technology will also continue to increase the opportunities available for these lawyers that are practicing outside the primary market. As stated before, while much of today’s entertainment lawyers are practicing within the primary market, the secondary market does have potential for success as well. As the economy expands, more avenues for programming become available to the attorneys, especially through nontraditional channels. Keep in mind that if you are looking to work with the secondary market as your primary focus, you must remain open-minded to every type of environmental factor as anything can affect how you obtain work.

Article submitted by Barry K Rothman. Barry K. Rothman and his firm are trusted entertainment, business, and stakeholder legal experts. Read all of the Barry K. Rothman reviews online today and you’ll see why celebrities are flocking to Rothman to handle their cases.